Escaping from winter

Spending some warmer days on Lanzarote while in Switzerland it was quite wet and freezing weather… While the week was dominated by sports at Club La Santa, we did some hiking and excursions around the island. Our first stop was a hike to the top of „Caldera Blanca“ just outside of Timanfaya National Park (as hiking within the national park is not permitted). From the top of the caldera you have a pretty nice panoramic view from the coast, the lava fields and the volcanoes that dominate the island. From there the route continued up north to „Mirador del Rio“ from where you could overlook the neighboring island „La Graciosa“. Our last stop where a cave system (or better say a lava tube) that were formed some 3000-4500 years ago and were used by the early inhabitants for hiding from marauding pirates. While the cave and its lights were nice to see, the guide leading us through was rather annoying. In fact, he seemed more like a sloth almost falling asleep while talking (and forgetting what he wanted to say too) :-)