Looking for that one moment of peace to focus on ...

The Who

Yes, that's me!
Stefan Derungs my name.


and also Traveler and Photographer as you might have guessed by now :-)

The Why

There are two notions I very much connect with photography. One of it is Crossroads as life is full of them in very varying ways. And then there is Itchy Feet which represents the irrepressible urge in me to see the world.


Every step you take in your life will lead to a next one. And then again to a next one. And another one. Leaving your footprints behind and building up a path in front of you. Eventually, along your path you‘ll cross someone else‘s path.

It is exactly in those moments when paths cross that you get the great opportunity to share - share a moment in life, share experiences, share joy or even fear.

That „someone“ does not necessarily have to be a person. It could well be an old fully-grown oak that withstood the harsh weather through time; or an ancient castle ruin who has seen many centuries pass; a hawk sailing high above you, waiting for his next prey; a river; a leaf; an instant.
Now, you might argue that many of these „someone“ do not take their steps conciously - but still they leave their traces behind in the world and allow you to share a moment of their existence.
But then of course there are the people you meet along the way; the locals that share a story or tradition with you and fellow travellers and friends who accompany you on your journey.

What I like about photography is that it can either be a lonely craft where you are by yourself, totally focused on your motives; or where you are in touch with other people, interacting, chatting, doing nonsense, having fun.

As a photographer I find it interesting and challenging to capture these moments, the history. It is a source of inspiration to develop myself and to grow. Plus photography often also makes me feel connected with the place I am at.

Itchy Feet

For many years I‘ve been having this constant „call of the wild“. Almost by the time I get home from a trip I would already be thinking of where to go next. To some of you this might sound ungrateful. For me, however, it is kind of a motor. I want to see this planet. I want to discover, to experience, to make the most of my time here.

If you think of these two notions in a more figurative way, they also kind of go hand in hand. Itchy feet (and now I really am talking about feet) roam, walk, run, sometimes stumble through this world eventually being the ones building up the aforementioned paths and crossroads.